Online Workshop 

Beyond the Chrysalis – Craft Awakened


An online community workshop. We may be cocooned but let's make butterflies and moths. Creation is good for the soul.


As I look out the window with needle and thread, I forget for a moment that these times are strange. It's small in its way, things could be much worse. I'm just being asked to retreat. Twelve weeks (?) are daunting, this time to reflect. So much has been taken for granted. Many of us did our best, while all the time consuming – caterpillars once, and now cocooned. My latest chrysalis is linen, white with gold embroidered thread. To make and focus, wonder, realise we have a choice what we become when we come out. Beautiful, sustainable, and never taking normal life for granted. It starts now. Isolation does not mean alone – we have communities, both local, and around the world. So join us! Let's all craft together and make butterflies! 

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