The early summer wind was gently pushing the curtains in different directions. She took small steps forward, occasionally twirling and giggling, pretending that the curtains were joyfully dancing with her.

Around her, people were having pleasant conversations and workin...

Today, she put her guard down for the first time in months. She put on her newest purchase, a ruffled linen top, and poured her heart into her paintings. Something about the way the breeze gently touched the back of her neck made her feel alive. This wasn't something s...

Details are my best friends.

In details I see magnificent paintings made of linen, masterpieces that any museum would covet. With details I can create my own worlds, ones only the most observant eye would notice. Because of details I am able to attract like-minded peopl...

February 19, 2019

A short story about empowerment and linen, written and photographed by Taya Iv

November 9, 2018

                                              Written by Holly Ashby

With the British winter well and truly on the way, we are delighted to introduce our b...

Photos of our Wendy dress, modelled by Janet in Lesnes Abbey Woods

Amazing photos of Lemuel MC 100% linen summer dress by one and only Helena Moore.

June 11, 2018

A brief look at what goes in to planning the fashion shoot.

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