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Classically, elegantly, splendidly simple
Sustainable so your fashion fix is guilt-free, and long-lasting enough to be found in perfect condition in your grandchildren’s closet, way off into the hazy future. This is what Lemuel MC is all about, ethical clothes that are designed to stay as beautiful as the day you bought them - turning the tide against fast fashion retailers who specialise in what doesn’t last and gets thrown away.


Our artisan, handmade clothes are crafted from 100% linen, a fabric it’s easy to fall in love with. Grown with no need for fertilisers or pesticides, and using very little water, linen is the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious. But its appeal doesn’t end there. It’s durable, gets softer and keeps its shape with washing and is absolutely beautiful - especially when it’s transformed by our seamstresses into unique Lemuel MC designs.



Our founder, Marta Cernovskaja, is a Siberian-born textile graduate who spent her young life in Lithuania and formative years in Brighton. With a brilliant, sparkling creative brain, strong sustainable principles and inclusive approach to fashion she dreamed up Lemuel MC - focusing on “perfect simple” fashion staples that will be treasured by their owners for decades.




Expertly designed by Marta, carefully hand-sewn by wonderfully talented seamstresses using double stitch for better durability and about as sustainable as it’s possible to be without giving up on modern life and heading into the woods, Lemuel MC offers you beautiful fashion without compromise.

Care Labels



New Lace

Pressed by hand in our London studio

Label Tags 

Cut and printed in our London studio from our own off cuts


Expertly sewn by our experienced seamstress in house


Dead stock bought from Lithuanian factory

Name Labels

Woven Labels UK



We believe it's our responsibility to tell you where your clothes and accessories come from.
Please get in touch if you have any questions about our commitments or our range and we're happy to chat - looking forward to hearing from you!

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For questions about any of our products, wholesale enquiries or help with placing your order, do not hesitate to contact us:

Email:  lemuel@lemuelmc.com 

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